There are multiple ways to get Lumicall:

  • Recommended: use the F-Droid Market App on your phone. F-Droid verifies that the binaries are built from the published source code. Other benefits of F-Droid: by insisting all market apps publish their source code, they avoid time-wasting adware apps. No Google account is required to use F-Droid.
  • Easy: use the normal Google Play (formerly Android Market) app on your phone
  • Advanced: download the apk installer file directly using the link below
  • More advanced: as it is an open source project, you can build the project from source code yourself

Downloading and installing manually

Here you can download the software directly without logging in to the Android market

  • The download below is signed by the same key used for the Google Play / Android Market distribution.
  • F-Droid uses their own key, if you have previously installed a package from F-Droid, and you want to upgrade it without losing your settings, you need to download the binary from F-Droid's web site

However, for those unfamiliar with the procedure for installing software to an Android device, we recommend using the F-Droid Market or Google Play/Android Market app.

If you wish to use the packages here, you must go into the settings and tick the option to allow installation of apps from third-party sources.

  • Settings
    • Applications
      • Unknown sources
        (Allow installation of non-Market applications) must be ticked

Once that is done, you can use one of these methods to get the app into your phone:

  • Just click the download link using the browser in your phone, or
  • download using the browser on your PC, and then either
    • copy the APK file to the SD card of your phone, or
    • load it into the phone using a USB cable and the Android Developer Toolkit

Download the source code

Please see the page for working with the Lumicall source code