Free calls using open technology on Android

  • It runs on Android smart phones, and can be found for free in the Android market
  • Detects if any number you dial is registered with Lumicall and lets you call for free
  • Detects if your contact's email addresses are also SIP addresses and lets you call them for free
  • Encryption (using industry standard ZRTP and the AES cipher), detects if the person you call supports encryption, and gives a visual indication on-screen
  • Use push-to-talk (PTT) mode to make your phone behave like a walkie-talkie (hold the camera button to transmit) - with the same military-grade encryption as the phone calls
  • Works with multiple SIP accounts, so you can receive calls on more than one number, or make low cost international calls
  • Based on open-standards like SIP and ENUM, so if your friends have a compatible app like Jitsi or Sipdroid, they are not forced to install Lumicall

Lumicall is constantly improving - if you download now, please make sure you download the updates when they are available